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Engaging the Modern Workforce




Rick Hansen is a published author of "Leadership and the Art of Surfing", a TEDx speaker, and a tried and tested business leader of over 25 years that knows how to build, motivate, and lead teams that drive exponential growth. 

I’ve learned as a leader over the last 25 years, 1,000s of hour of research for my book, and over 30,000 hours in leadership roles, is that our primary job, our distinguishing purpose as leaders is to help our people see into their yet unknown potential. We have to create a space for them that draws them into the challenge of solving complex problems, where intelligent risk is encouraged and it’s safe to fail.

I’ve developed a passion for leadership like I have for surfing, and consequently I use surfing as a metaphor to inform how I lead my teams and the businesses I run. For example, I literally help my teams see both their individual and collective potential, and in turn I’ve witnessed multiple businesses that I’ve run exponentially grow and be transformed. It's not because I’m smart but because I’ve learned the importance of helping others see in themselves what they couldn’t see in themselves alone. And THIS very simple human reality drives growth. 


Rick Hansen Leadership
Online Course  

This course will teach you how to become an effective 21st Century Leader that finds, grows, and keeps its talent while increasing the bottom line. 



Helping 21st Century Minded Leaders find, keep, and grow the best talent in their industry while increasing their bottom line.


Signature Talks

I am a TEDx, Motivational Speaker focused on transformational leadership for 21st Century Leaders. I leave the audience feeling uplifted and inspired to unleash potential in themselves and in those they lead so their teams and organizations can flourish: Trust + Potential + Deep Purpose = Growth. The importance of helping others see their potential isn’t revolutionary, but it is a human reality that drives exponential growth. 


Executive Coaching

Your success is my success. I want you to be guided by a distinct mission and vision. It is there and only there you can find the answer. Friedrich Nietzsche once noted, "He whose life has a WHY can bear almost any how." My aim is to serve you in self-discovery and equip you so that you can unleash your talents and your team’s potential.


Group Workshops

What keeps us engaged in the work we do and inspired and motivated by the leaders we follow? If you think it’s things like incentives, you’re not alone, but according to research that’s not the case. Unprecedented data shows that disengagement and indifference in the workplace is at an all time high, and the reason is that leaders don’t know how to inspire their teams to realize their potential. 

An event is the best way to accelerate performance, engagement, and connectivity. Let's work together to make your next event a huge success!


As Featured In 

"He’s built, motivated, and lead his team to be the most dynamic unit in the company’s 30 year history in morale and overall growth potential."

CEO, Global Distribution

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