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I've spent 10 years as a teacher and professor and nearly 2 decades in executive leadership. Originally from Southern CA, I am an avid surfer who is focused on teaching leaders how to motivate and inspire the teams they lead. 

With a diverse industry background in domestic and global markets, I'm a senior executive organizational leader that understands how to move business forward where motivation and inspiration become the competitive edge. My background is diverse. I've transformed the business of for-for-profits and non-profits in both P&L and organizational change, led organizational transformation for both independent and global businesses, and acted in a senior executive role in a top 5 global consulting firm. Whether it’s the companies I've owned or the ones I've helped transform, I've developed a framework that creates high levels of engagement and change. I use the spirit of a startup, the practices and disciplines of general management, and principles from surfing and teaching to help create highly functioning teams. 

Of my work, one CEO of a multimillion, dollar global organization said, “He’s built, motivated, and lead this team to be the most dynamic unit in the company’s 30 year history in morale and overall potential.”

After a brief stint as an English Literature teacher, I transitioned to business where I became fascinated with how leaders engage their teams. I struggled with how to transfer – or even if I can I transfer – the more soft skills of teaching over to the more hard world of business, profits, and P&L. However, over time I realized the difference between the classroom and business was very slight.

I'm a published author (Leadership and the Art of Surfing), adjunct professor in Organizational Development and Theory, and an online instructor on techable.com (The Rick Hansen School of Leadership).

I have an MA in Organizational Development and Management, 1 year of post graduate work from Oxford University (England), CA Teaching Credential, and a BA in English Literature. I've competed in over 50 triathlons, 2 marathons, 10 half marathons, 10 centuries, a Kona Ironman Qualifier, and I'm a proud husband and father.


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Keynote Speaking

As a highly experienced and respected leadership practitioner and coach, I understand and know how to put together content that will motivate and inspire your audience so that it will help them reimagine how to build, motivate, and lead their teams.

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Committed to teaching leaders how to unleash potential in themselves and their teams in order to drive measurable outcomes, I am ready to help you see a new way forward in an unprecedented era. Book your Executive Coaching Session today.

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I work with each client to find the most effective means to unlock new potential by understanding the hurdles. This interactive experience will transform your team and impact the bottom line. To learn more, book your Team Coaching Introduction.



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