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Leadership and the Art of Surfing 

Surfing like a great leader has the power to unleash our human potential when we choose to paddle toward the wild unknown, take steep drops down cascading emerald walls, and find our line in an ever changing liquid world. Surfing and great leaders find a way to touch our soul and create for us a picture of what is possible.

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Leaders need to teach their teams to surf.  Our thoughts about organizations are obsolete. In this time of rapid change, we need leaders and organizations that are able to quickly respond to an ever-changing environment.  As leaders, we need to move our teams out of the “box” and into the wave.

How Learning to Surf Will Make you a Better Leader

We need leaders today that know how to create engagement and unleash innovation in every person from the front desk to the C-Suite through autonomy, accountability … and a little bit of surfing.  I am passionate about surfing and creating a culture of engagement within organizations. I use what I’ve learned in both to build, motivate and lead teams and individuals to release and amplify human potential. Big wave surfer and friend Easkey Britton says, “A wave is like a mirror to the soul. It reflects our fear, our willingness, our vision…” It dares us forward and exposes us to extreme truth. 

In an era of hyper change and hyper competition, where webbed networks level all points of control, and today's participants abhor centralization, work and life demand a new way, a more natural way. 

"Rick Hansen is a Leadership expert with over two decades of experience in executive leadership and 10 years as a teacher and professor. Rick is the author of Leadership and the Art of Surfing and has a TEDx talk on the power of surfing as a metaphor for life. Rick overcame a significant stutter, and bullying, to become a powerful speaker and positively impact leaders around the world." - Justin Wren, MMA Fighter, CEO Fight For The Forgotten:

"Overcome" Podcast with
Justin Wren 

Leadership and the Art of Surfing 

Explosive Change, Nimble Response, Evolving on the Edge

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