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To See

I used to be able to see clearly but the waters over time have become a little muddied.

I just read a post by Seth Godin and he talked about being able and WILLING to see by exposing things in a slowness, a meticulous slowness where we painstakingly take a bold step and expose details usually rushed and passed by – perhaps important details that expose secrets and tell great stories. Our world tends to rush to judgement without seeing the vision, the person, or the revolution at hand because it takes the power to see, to slow down and really see.

Often, I take the quiet, safe road and tuck myself behind a tree on the trail to hide from the flurry of thoughts and ideas swarming inside my head instead of slowing down to see what lives in the shadows. I duck out and pass by the beautiful details and intricate mysteries. I see a snowstorm instead of a blanket of beautiful snowflakes. I miss the vision and the chance to tell what might be a great story, a story that beats from my heart. I hide my eyes from what I think might be calamity. And yet, what I think is calamity is simply risk, uncultivated risk that might lead to failure. Or it could lead to change.

Instead, all around us beats a new rhythm, a new idea, a new community, a new innovation, a new life waiting to be lived. Too many things in this new world of interconnectedness allows us to be in or at least near a dynamic, bustling community. Yet too many of us sit quiet and still because we cannot see, or worse, will not see.

Me – I want to live. I want to see.

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