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Our Path. Our Road.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

We must choose our path, our road and bear what we must on our own. There is no one else to bear the road taken but the one who chose it. -Abe from the movie Lincoln.

There is resolve in this. Firm, resolute resolve that puts the burden of proof and difficulty of choice on our own plate and beneath our own feet. And yet, our nature is to point fingers, lay blame, claim “victim,” or run for the hills when the travail supersedes the end, and yet we are the ones that ultimately choose what that end looks like. We bear the burden of the road. We are the ones that carve the path with our fingers and our toil and our choices that then tell the details of our story. Where we are in this sea is in large part a result of the interconnectivity of our choices along side of those of others and their place we let them play in our story. Sure we all have been dealt to some degree or another a raw deal and/or a bad hand, but what shape does it take? Do we sit back and bask in the alleged calamity or forge forward to find new fields?

What makes us all the same is that we get to mesh together the random meanderings of our circumstances and the capacity of our souls with the hope to find resolve within this freedom. We are determined to find the end, but the distinction resides in the choice and then the strength to bear what we chose.

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