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It seems to be the central tenet of man is to be valued, to be heard and recognized, at least to some degree. For the most part, we don’t seek parades or award ceremonies, but we do seek the simple acknowledgement of our innate freedom to create and innovate, to bring value. Whether at work or at home, we strive, some more than others, to be recognized for what we can bring to the table as a manifestation of who we are. A simple “good job” or gentle nod of approval from a peer or boss, a faint smile that hints of observed or deserved success. We quietly fight for it day after day while we wait in the shadows of man’s selfish, silent disdain. We look for a faint glimpse or gesture acknowledging our worth, our value, our measure. And when it happens, we immediately fill our depleted bank of self confidence and self worth and try to tuck it away in the dark corners where our confidence hides. No matter the title in life – senior management, teacher, employee, owner, worker, spouse or child, we look for some light to keep our life house lit while the waves pound our shoreline.

So it is in any form of organizational life. We long for approval, for freedom to be ourselves and realize our design while we create and hopefully add value to our sphere. And yet, the majority of us live and work in places that seem to dictate from top down, pyramid structures that put that human soul into a coffin. It’s those few, elite at the top of that pyramid that feel the need to tell the rest of us our worth by dictating their commands instead of letting us be apart of creating and innovating. Most of us live in a place that quells freedom as we feel the squeeze of control.

Instead, we must build structures that breath freedom and trust so we can build people that create and innovate. Only there is value measured. Only there can we help others live and work toward outcomes that bring rich value and create purpose. Only there can we bring freedom.

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