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The Stuff of Life

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Awwww… the stuff of life. The physical draw of the tangible. The illustrious pull of the image. The lure of the secret, scandalous message. All of those are so powerful and gripping in the world of the here and now. I hate their weight and I hate how they can call like the sirens deep at sea until their song and screech pulls me in from the tip of my toes and lulls me to their hollow call. Knowing this I still dance to the hum and sway of its intoxicating rhythm; it’s a mystery to my existence. I have so much beyond all of this that wields such elegant grace and yet I tend to clamor to the noise and the clutch of rust and waste. Lead me on and beyond this while I am yet still alive and in it.

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